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Top of the Line Ceiling Products for All Building Projects

Wuxi Guangxinghongmao International Building Materials Co., Ltd. is the true leader when it comes to ceiling products and everything in between. We know and understand that building projects will never be complete without ceiling products and for this reason, we made it a point to offer our valued customers with only the best selections of ceiling products perfect for all needs and budgets.

Get False Ceiling from Us

False ceiling can be found under the roof slab on the suspended supports. Most of the time, a false ceiling is provided to control temperature, install lights, or hide electrical as well as other types of networking cables or even too high or ugly ceiling.

Indeed, the false ceiling is the prime example of a state of the art architecture and construction in commercial and residential applications alike.

Choose from our false ceiling products and make sure that your ceiling will be exactly as how you want it to be. Find the perfect design for false ceiling that will best compliment your current building project.

Ceiling Grid Options That Will Make a Difference

Ceiling grids drop from or are suspended from an existing support or ceiling system. Ceiling grid is a type of false ceiling since this is not really part of the permanent structure for support like a cement ceiling or floor or floor joists.

We carry a wide selection of ceiling products that will never burn a large hole in your pockets. Grab this chance to browse through our catalog and make the right choice!

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